A Group Of Nervous Little Girls Walk To The Center Of The Court And SHOCK Thousands — OMG!

Terri Caldwell and her husband opened The Cactus Theater in 1994. The reason that they opened the theater was because they wanted to reach out to younger singers. Terri was committed to helping young singers, so she decided to start her own vocal academy called Terri Caldwell Music. Terri’s daughter, Cami, also had a love for singing. She also spent time teaching at Terri Caldwell Music.

Terri encouraged her daughter to form a youth performance group. In 2001, Cami formed a performance group called The Cactus Cuties. The original members of the group were between the ages of four and seven. However, members came and went throughout the years. They were finally able to form a solid group of talented little girls in the late 2000s.

The Cactus Cuties delivered an unforgettable performance at a basketball game in 2008. The girls’ ages ranged from eight to 13. The video of the girls’ performance has gone viral.

It has received over 1.5 million views. People are amazed at how these little girls have such strong vocals. It is proof that sometimes big things come in small packages. People are encouraged to share the video of the girls performing on their Facebook pages.

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