VIDEO: She’s Drawing On Her Zipper, The Reason Will Change The Way You Wear Jeans!

Fashion blogger Rachel Levin has some awesome clothing hacks to help your clothing wardrobe look great. These hacks quickly repair clothing that otherwise might be ruined by accidents, damage or other wardrobe malfunctions.

Do you have a wrinkled shirt but no iron or no time to iron out the wrinkles? The fix for this problem is easy. Spray the wrinkled shirt with water. Pull the shirt to smooth out the wrinkles. The shirt will be wrinkle free when it is dry.

Everyone encounters a zipper that is stuck from time to time. Instead of fighting the zipper to open and hoping not to break it, make the zipper move more smoothly. Find a graphite pencil. No, pencils do not use lead, they use graphite. Rub the pencil “lead” on the zipper. Next, try to move the zipper again. It should slide easily now.

If you find jeans that you like at the store but don’t have time to try them on, use this weird trick. Take the jeans off of the hanger and wrap them around your neck. Your neck size is half of the size of your waist. If you can easily wrap the jeans around your neck, they will fit just fine. If the waist measures a bit too small, the jeans will be too small. If the jeans overlap, they will be too big. The people around you may look at you strangely, but this little tip will save you a trip to the fitting room.

To avoid blisters in shoes that you are pretty sure will blister; use this handy foot protecting tip. First, place a lightweight trouser sock on, and then a regular cotton sock over the trouser sock. The lightweight sock will protect your foot while the outer sock will absorb sweat and prevent the rubbing that causes blisters.

Do you hate those little bumps on your knit shirts and other knit clothing? To get rid of pills on knit clothing, use a cheap or used razor to shave the pills off. The razor will shave off the pills and make the material look like new.

To make a tank top into a tube top, turn your tank top upside down and put it on. Tuck the straps under the shirt or tuck them into pants with high waist.

To unshrink a knit shirt that has become too small due to incorrect washing, wash the shirt with regular hand soap and hang it to dry. The shirt will become larger when it is hung to dry.

To get rid of sweat stains under the arms of a shirt cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stain. Then spray the lemon treated stain area with water and let it dry. The stain will disappear.

To keep someone who constantly borrows your clothes from forgetting to return them, take a picture of the person holding the clothing as evidence that they have your pants, shirt or whatever they borrowed. Then you will remember where your shirt went if you should want it back later.

If a length of thread has pulled out of a knit sweater, you can easily fix it with a bobby pin. Just attach the bobby pin to the end of the string, thread the bobby pin back through the sweater and your top will look like new. Never cut the thread, because the sweater will unravel. Use these little tricks to make your wardrobe look better and keep you looking your best using items you already have around the house. Try a few of these today and enjoy these wardrobe hacks.

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