They Told Her Not To Wear A Bikini Because She Is Too Fat. Now See Her EPIC Response…

Do others criticize you for how you look? In a society where everyone is worried about their looks, it’s easy for those same people to turn around and constantly critique everyone else around them. Loey Lane is one such person who’s body has been criticized on social media and she has something to say about it.

Loey, a blogger is who loving life, has been criticized on social media for her appearance while wearing bikinis. She is told that she is too fat to be wearing them and that she should stop. Loey made a video where she compiled the comments others have projected toward her, along with her response to the comments.

She talks about body shaming, and who is it that made the decision on what others are allowed to wear. People have told her not to wear bikinis because it shows too much skin. Yet, if a fit person were to be wearing a bikini, people would not be saying the same thing. In fact, there would probably be people commenting how they would like to look the same. Loey asks why is this acceptable? Also, who made the decision in determining when it’s too much skin for one person and not for the other?

The other comment Loey mentions is when people criticize her eating and health based off of her weight; telling her to lay off of the hamburgers even though she doesn’t eat meat. Even in an effort to show others that she does eat healthy food, it’s not enough. Society still expects more from her.

One other thing she mentions is the amount of comments she receives from people stating that by dressing the way she does she’s promoting obesity. In a society where we tell people to embrace who they are, and to love themselves, isn’t this hypocritical? When someone wears a bikini, they wear it because it makes them feel good. Why should someone be allowed to criticize that?

She finishes up the video by stating that this type of negativity is not necessary. People make these types of comments to make someone feel bad about themselves, but who actually looks bad in the end? Living a life of such negativity is not worth it. In the end, Loey doesn’t find any of these comments valid, so she will continue to wear what she wants.

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