Bernie Sanders Calls Out Donald Trump As An Embarrassment To The USA. Do You Agree

Bernie Sanders, who is a Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate, recently criticized Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a Republican presidential candidate. Sanders says that he disagrees with Trump’s views on immigration. He also stated that Trump is an embarrassment to our country.

When Sanders was asked by Ana Marie Cox how he felt about Trump’s surge in popularity, he replied by saying that he did not think much of it. Sanders says that no one should be making slurs about the Latino community. He says that Trump’s comments about Latinos is one of the reasons that Trump is an embarrassment to the country.

Trump and Sanders both attended the Iowa State Fair. Trump made an appearance via helicopter, and was mocked by Sanders. Sanders jokingly says that he left his helicopter at home.

Sanders was recently asked about what he has in common with the Trump voters. He stated that he is not a billionaire, and his family does not have a lot of people. Sanders says that he has not received as much financial support for his presidential campaign as Trump. Sanders also says that he is focused on the middle class. Additionally, he says that he has a different approach from Trump.

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