VIDEO: Soldiers Fed 3 Stray Dogs, How These Dogs Re Pay Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

When you think about soldiers, you might think about all of the work that they do for the country. A group of soldiers found three stray dogs and gave them food. They didn’t know that later, the dogs would save the soldiers.

Most dogs have a keen sense when it comes to something being wrong. They hear noises that people might not be aware of, and they are usually there to protect others if something is wrong. A small group of soldiers enjoys working with stray dogs. These are soldiers who are in Afghanistan.

When they fed the dogs, they didn’t know the danger that they would be in later and that the dogs would help them stay out of harm’s way. A suicide bomber tried to get into the area where the soldiers were staying. The dogs were staying in the area with the soldiers.

When the bomber tried to get inside, the dogs alerted the soldiers of the sounds. They were barking and wouldn’t let the bomber inside. The bomb did go off, but it was outside of the barracks. If the dogs weren’t there with the men, then things would have likely ended a different way, but the dogs showed their loyalty and thanks to those who helped them.

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