Watch This Armless Man Throw The First Pitch With His…

At a recent baseball game between the Mariners and the Giants, San Francisco native Tom Willis left everyone stunned. Willis was born without arms, but he never let this stop him from fulfilling his goals. One of these goals was to throw the opening pitch at a baseball game.

Willis has spent his whole life using his feet to do things that most of us accomplish with our arms. When he threw the pitch using his feet, even the experts were impressed. Baseball experts were ecstatic to report that Willis threw a perfect strike.

Incredibly, Willis’ body language perfectly mirrored that of a seasoned pro. He drew up his left leg in the classic pitching windup and then let loose with his right foot, maneuvering a flawless underhanded throw. Seeing Willis in motion, it took a few seconds to register that he does not have arms; this is how practiced and poised he was on the pitcher’s mound.

Given how many people fail to impress with their first pitches, it is particularly impressive how Willis achieved this with his bare feet. The ball landed right in the catcher’s mitt, having been tossed with meticulous aim and well-calculated speed. The crowd went wild, giving their hometown hero the praise he deserved for his landmark pitch.