VIDEO: This Camper Looks Tiny and Useless. Then She Pulls The Handle…WOW!

Camper – Small in Size; Huge Features

Many people enjoy hitching a camper to their truck or van and heading to the beach or mountains for a vacation. The only drawback is that campers takes up a lot of space and most people can’t park a camper in their driveway when not in use.

Enter the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper. An Australian developer has created one of the most compact campers you’ll ever see. Pull on the front handle and the front end extends out onto the trailer frame. Open the side door and discover spacious sleeping quarters.

The bedroom is complete with book shelves and a TV entertainment set. The side window provides a view of nature outside and a sunroof opens your bedroom to the stars. Tucked into the back of the camper you’ll find a sink, refrigerator, and range. Some models even have showers with hot water. No need to carry tanks of fuel. Solar panels provide power for the entire unit.

While many new RVs cost over $100,000, the Gidget costs only $15,000. At that price point, many more people will be able to enjoy camping under the stars without having to sacrifice all the comforts of home.

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