VIDEO: The Reason He Molds Raw Beef Around A Beer Can Is My New Favorite Summer Meal

There are some recipes that you can make with a beer can that turn out delicious. you can make beer can chicken or use a can of beer while making a pork loin. This man wrapped ground beef around a can of beer. It’s a simple process, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

Only the lower half of the can is wrapped with the beef. This creates a pocket so that you can later stuff the meat. This is a recipe to use on the grill during the warm summer months or as a comfort food in winter. After wrapping the can with the beef, you remove the can so that there is a pocket.

You can cook the meat for a short time before stuffing the beef. Some people add bacon, mushrooms, onions or even potatoes to the hamburger.

When the hamburger is stuffed, you will finish cooking it until the meat is done. You can add items that are already prepared to the meat, but most of the foods that are added will get done as the hamburger cooks on the grill. A delicious idea for a bacon cheeseburger is to wrap bacon around the beef and stuff it with small pieces of bacon and shredded cheese.

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