VIDEO: This Baby Starts To Cry. How The Mom Reacts Had Me Laughing So Hard. So Unexpected!

Most mothers know their children very well. Mothers also know their children’s needs. Even if a child cannot verbally say what he or she wants, mothers can often figure it out. Babies can be very unpredictable. However, mothers can sometimes find out what is going on inside of their baby’s mind.

No mother likes to see her baby cry. However, one mother knew that her baby was fake crying. At the beginning of the video, the baby is crying. The baby then stops crying and starts pouting. The mother playfully tells her son to stop pouting.

The mother then playfully tells her baby that he is a faker. It seemed as though the baby knew exactly what his mother was saying. They both start laughing. The baby is probably thinking, “Hey, you got me.” This baby tried to get over on his mother, but she was able to outsmart him. It is a priceless moment between a mother and a son. Many mothers can relate to the mother and her son in the video.

The adorable video has become very popular online. It has received over one million shares on Facebook. It has also received over 648,000 likes on Facebook.

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