VIDEO: If You Thought This Was Just A Sleeping Baby, Just Wait Until The Camera Zooms Out!

Adele Enersen is the proud mom of an adorable baby girl by the name of Mila. She’s also an extremely creative individual, as an illustrator and author with her own extensive website. The Los Angeles resident and Finnish native is the mastermind and photographer behind “Mila’s Daydreams,” a lovely collection of pictures that depicts her youngster sporting a wide range of clothing.

When her little one is fast asleep and oblivious to absolutely anything and everything that’s going on around her, Enersen dresses her up as the leading character in many mesmerizing scenes.

Sometimes Mila’s surrounded by depictions of ordinary life, such as clotheslines. She’s at other times in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. In one picture, Mila is seen “flying.” Enersen goes out of her way to make every single photograph fascinating and compelling. While Mila is undeniably the true star of every photograph her mother takes, the “backgrounds” hold their own, as well. Props are a big aspect of the “Mila’s Daydreams” collection.

When Mila is a full-grown adult and looks back on her childhood, she’ll have a wonderfully unique set of photographs to gaze upon. There’s a good chance that no one else in any of her classes will have a similar selection of pictures in their childhood photo albums.

Mila will never be one to say that her mother didn’t take enough pictures of her as she was growing up. Enersen has made these exciting and memorable photographs available for all to see in a video clip.

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