VIDEO: They Thought They Were Going To Trick Their Own Dog, But What Happened? LOL!

This video takes learned lessons, discipline, and dedication to another level. Whether teaching pets, a person, or anything else a particular task, the video displays that when a lesson is well taught, a good learner will follow through every time until completion of task. Even when there is a change in the props, the process still remains the same.

The lesson that this cute dog learned was that anytime that he took a ride, he was to sit in a box, in a specific area. The owner tried to trick the dog by changing the size of the box, but the pup shows through his action, he was a good learner and an obedient animal.

His training had to have been firm enough for the pup to get in the car and take his same place no matter what changes was made in the size of the container where he was to sit. His training seems to have been regulated to such standards that with each different size box that was placed in the vehicle, the pup did not hesitate to go straight to the box and fit whatever part of his body into the box that would fit.

The pup was also devoted to his owner and to his training that when he called him and give him orders to get into the car, the pet jumped in and sat in the same place occupying his position in the different boxes with all or part of his body. This was funny and enjoyable.

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