VIDEO: They Pour Water Over His Body. When They’re Done, I Was Fighting Back The Tears

It can be absolutely heartbreaking to see the conditions of some stray dogs. Dogs are wonderful and loving creatures, but some of them are either abandoned or born into conditions where they are just not taken care of and have to fend for themselves.

Coconut is one of these dogs, having grown up in the street in Cozumel, Mexico. However, fortunately, he was found and rescued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, which is an organization that works to rescue animals from the streets and place them into loving adoptive homes.

They groomed this dog and gave him a makeover. The hardest part of the situation was that Coconut actually ended up having a heart worm. This can be fatal in some dogs, but Coconut was lucky. They were able to nurse him back to health within a matter of months, and he now has a loving family in Cape Cod.

It is so great that this dog was able to recover his health and live a good life after all of that trauma. However, a lot of dogs are not so lucky. If IFAW had not found Coconut, he would likely have ended up dying in the street. No dog deserves this fate, but unfortunately it happens every day.

Hopefully, more people will start supporting organizations such as this one and giving to the cause, so that they can become more effective and rescue more dogs from horrible fates that they do not deserve at all.

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