VIDEO: Mom Knew Something Unthinkable Was About To Happen With This Cop So She Hit Record

Jessica Lindsay took out her camera phone one day when she saw two police officers in her town approaching a bunch of kids who were in the street. What she ended up capturing was heartwarming and is now getting quite a bit of attention from people online. She got a video of these two officers playing football with the group of kids, very close to her house.

Lindsay was impressed that these two cops would take the time to do this with these kids. She stated to 24 Hour News 8, “It was just amazing. It was awesome, especially with all the things that’s going on in other states with the police officers.” She is very happy that these two officers would take the time out of their busy schedules to play with these kids and be positive role models for them. Not only did the officers play football with them, but they showed them how their police cruiser functioned as well.

Lindsay put the video on Facebook, and it very quickly went viral. On Thursday morning, the video has already been seeing more than 714,000 times and had gotten over 11,000 shares.

The kids were clearly enjoying themselves a great deal, and the police officers were clearly doing a good thing. As Lindsey said, this is very refreshing in these times when police officers are often known for acts of brutality against innocent people. It is good to know that there are caring officers out there.

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