VIDEO: He Put His Sick Dog In The Pool, But Seconds Later…This Is So Great

Dogs really become a part of the family, as any dog owner knows. As such, it can be very difficult to watch when a dog starts getting old and has health problems because of it. Dogs do not live as long as humans do, and it can be very painful to watch a once young and vibrant dog deteriorate.

Kane is a husky who has problems with his legs. His back legs no longer work properly. He is a very old dog, and he would not be able to handle surgery due to his age. Pain medication only goes so far as well.

However, his owner didn’t want to give up on him and wanted to try something new. What he ended up doing was putting Kane in the swimming pool. This helped a great deal, and it is actually a common therapy technique for pets in this type of a situation. In the water, the dog is weightless, and he doesn’t have all that pressure on his back legs. It is such a comfort to the family to know that at least while the dog is in the pool, he is not in pain.

Perhaps the best part of the whole story is that Kane was on his feet again just a couple of days after the swim. He will sometimes get up and walk on his own now. His family does not know how much time he has left, but they want to make the best of it.

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