VIDEO: She Smushes Her Phone Into A Filled Balloon. Then THIS Happened. So Cool!

Mobile phones have become an expensive necessity in the modern era and protecting these investments comes at a high cost. Warranties don’t cover accidents, and virtually everyone drops their phone at some point, resulting in cracked screens and damaged internal hardware.

The cost of protective cases adds up pretty quickly, but a new DIY technique shows that people don’t have to break the bank to protect their smartphones.

All that’s needed is a balloon and less than a minute to make a new rubber casing in any color desired. In a video demonstration, one savvy innovator shows that after inflating the balloon and gently pressing a phone down in the center of its surface, the material hugs the device as it deflates. By the time it’s fully deflated, what is left is a fully functional case tightly wrapped around the edges of the phone.

The balloon case will do everything a standard phone case will do. The rubber is strong enough to absorb small impacts and has a grippy enough texture that people are less prone to accidentally let go of it. Balloon cases are easy to remove and replace, so nobody has to be bound to the same color all year.

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