VIDEO: They Hold A Newborn Squirrel Up To This Mommy Cat. Her Reaction? Impossible!

It isn’t in any way uncommon for human beings to adopt children and babies and bring them into their homes to raise them as their own. Surprisingly enough, the concept isn’t at all unheard of in the animal kingdom, either. A beautiful female tortoiseshell cat has just proven that. After the tortie cat birthed her litter of newborn kittens, the human staff members gave her the sweet gift of an orphaned baby squirrel.

The little squirrel was even smaller than the mother cat’s kittens. Most importantly, the baby squirrel needed the nourishment and attention of a mama, just like the rest of the babies.

Without skipping a beat, the mother cat welcomed the little guy into her new family. She immediately started licking him and nursing him to health. She’s a true example of an animal displaying her maternal instincts. The mother cat never for even a second questioned whether or not the squirrel was indeed her own blood. She just focused on taking care of him and making sure that he was clean and comfortable. She treated the squirrel exactly the same way she treated the rest of the youngsters.

Happily enough, the rest of the mama cat’s crew welcomed the squirrel sibling into the family, too. Within minutes, the little squirrel was contentedly snuggling up to his feline siblings. He even participated in some playtime with them. At one point, the tired squirrel was even seen cuddling up in a ball with one of his siblings, napping peacefully.

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