The Best Live TV Moments

Hometown newscasters square off to see who will make the funniest and likely most embarrassing blooper of the year in this collection of the best mistakes recorded on TV news broadcasts. Every clip in this video has its own unique twist that keeps the viewer wrought with anticipation as to what will happen next to the correspondent or in the background that the crew does not expect.

Everyone makes mistakes on occasion and sometimes a camera is there to record the mishap as it takes place in hysterical spontaneity. The funniest moments are the ones that catch a unique set of circumstances as they unfold into a poignant blunder that cannot easily or quickly be forgotten. With this collection all together there is no need to troll the video sites for the greatest clips of public slips.

News anchors and their coworkers take turns with mispronunciations and poor judgment as they each experience the inherent risk of disruptions when filming live. These moments range from prohibited language blurted out from onlookers and reporters alike to unscripted events transpiring naturally on-camera. All seasons of the year have an entry on this list of rollicking goofs highlighting the most amusing encounters of the year recorded during legitimate news episodes.

Sit back and relax with these unexpected musings of irony immortalized on film. To enjoy all the merriment just check out the most hilarious outtakes of the worst fails from local television channels across the country in The Best News Bloopers of 2014!

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