VIDEO: He Was Supposed To Be Dead But Instead He’s Enjoying Life To The Fullest!

Lucky to be alive, a two week old puppy, and his two sisters were thrown away in a dumpster in Dallas, Texas. Now, after being rescued, this young pup feels so secure, that he naps during bath time. “The reason why I filmed while giving this little guy a bath, was because he was so content.

I really like to document the puppy, and watch as they grow. Especially with the bottle fed babies, and he was just falling asleep…” Volunteer Claire Fowler, while crailing the puppy. Small enough to fit the palm of his care takers hand, Claire Fowler, he retires to catch some Z’s as she gave him a good rub down.

Since this canine’s mom is not available to provide the necessary care, he must be bottle fed every two to three hours, assisted during bathroom breaks, and all other needed care. Thanks to the Dallas Animal Service and referred to the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter where volunteer Claire Fowler was tasked with looking after them.

DFW, Rescue Me, volunteer Claire Fowler, possesses a loving, and warm heart, to take on the challenges of caring for this puppy who still does not have a name. She gives him a bath frequently, because when he, along with his sisters, were freed from the dumpster, he was covered with fleas.

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