Her Daughter Asks, ‘What’s A Virgin?’ And Her Response Is PRICELESS!

Daughter is coloring at the dinner table in a recently released video from Future Shorts while Mom is preparing a bunch of spinach for that evening’s meal, when daughter suddenly looks up from her project and asks her mother, “What’s a virgin?” The expression on the mother’s face shows a combination of dread and embarrassment, knowing that sooner or later she was going to have to face answering this question from her inquisitive child.

Mom goes into a rather detailed explanation about how mommies and daddies show their love for one another, explaining carefully to her curious daughter that Mom has a special place on her body that fits quite nicely with Dad’s special thing on his body.

Mom compares Dad’s putting his special thing into Mom’s special place in order to make a baby to a jigsaw puzzle that fits together nicely and makes everybody feel very happy.

Mom goes on to explain to her daughter that this is the process of making love, and that any girl or woman who hasn’t experienced the happy sensation of having a man put his special thing into her special place is what would be considered a virgin. But now the daughter seems very thoughtful and gets ready to ask another question. She peers over at the olive oil bottle sitting on the table and innocently asks,”but what’s an extra virgin?”

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