After You See What Palin Claims God Told Her To Do, You’ll Hate Even More Than You Do Now

Sarah Palin’s latest ploy to impeach President Obama and attract attention is nothing short of holy. At a recent speech at the Western Conservative Summit, she once again called for his impeachment, only now it is a God given mission. ‘

In her own brand of folksy wisdom, Palin went on to warn us as a nation of the Presidents intentions to become our ruler, not just our president.

In her own special, grammatically incorrect way, Palin insinuated that President Obama is trying to deify himself and take the place of the Christian God as rightful head of our nation. You may remember her earlier pleas to fellow Republicans to draw up articles of impeachment a few weeks ago.

Since they did not, she is trying another ploy, appealing to the Christian Right. Why? Because of his issuing of executive orders. Something his fellow leaders have done in the past with no fear of impeachment. But because of the color of his skin and his name, not WASP-y enough, he is surely the devil.

Well that, and the fact that he became President and she didn’t. But President Obama isn’t the devil.

Or a tyrant, another ploy Palin has used in the past. And no one else received the memo that Palin did, the one from God giving her her next call to arms. It’s a desperate move. One that may end in her next nomination, that of Head Patient in the Insane Asylum.

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