The TSA Can Now Demand to See What You’re Reading

The TSA Can Now Demand to See What You’re Reading

The average passenger wrestles with a fear of flying because they hate the long lines that are normal at the country’s airports. However, most passengers put up with the long delays in line because they realize that the airports are worried about Terrorism and are trying to keep their passengers safe. Recently, the TSA decided to quietly implement new strategies to make sure that their passengers and crew remain safe on the airlines. Now, they would like to take a look at the books that their passengers are bringing on the planes. Some might think that this is a definite invasion of privacy or that big brother is watching over their shoulder. Others assume it’s just another way to turn travel into a modern day nightmare.

Reports are that the TSA has been quietly testing this new screening program at various airports across the country. All passengers are instructed to remove their books and other reading material out of their carry-on bags before boarding their plane. The books and reading material are placed in a bin and go through a screening process. Once the screening process is completed, the material is returned to the passenger. Officials report that the screening process will soon go nationwide and land at the airport near your location.

The TSA spokesperson related that passengers are really over-stuffing their carry on bags to avoid those extra luggage fees. Consequently, the baggage screeners are finding it difficult to thoroughly screen the overloaded baggage and identify suspicious looking objects. The extra screening process is just just a waste of time and another way to delay passengers at the airport. In addition, they are invading the privacy rights of the passengers that board the planes.

This is all particularly frustrating, because of the ineffectiveness of the TSA in general. In a study done by the FBI, the TSA failed at a 95% rate to detect illicit items and stop them from getting past. In effect, the FBI prooved that the TSA does nothing  to stop terrorists, besides present the illusion of security. Which, is exactly what they were designed for in the first place. When the program started, shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks, it was originally referred to as the “security theater”. Meaning those TSA agents rifling through your bacgs and personal belongsings and now your books are nothing more that paid actors.

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