Trump to Sign Executive Order Launching Voter Fraud Probe

Trump to Sign Executive Order Launching Voter Fraud Probe

Voter fraud is a topic that has been brought up by Donald Trump many times over the past year. It began during the 2016 election when Trump was upset at losing the popular vote to Hilary Clinton. There was no evidence at the time for any of his claims that mass voter fraud was occurring. He repeated these claims frequently and insisted that voter fraud was the only reason he had been unable to secure the popular vote.

Now, Trump has taken those claims to the next level. He plans to sign yet another executive order. This order will create a commission with the intention of investigating voter fraud. The chair of this commission has already been chosen, as well as the vice chair. Mike Pence and Kris Kobach will fill those roles respectively.

They plan to look into any type of fraud regarding voter registration and the act of voting. The commission intends to review allegations of voter fraud from multiple elections rather than only focusing on Trump’s unfounded claims in the most recent election. They believe there are multiple vulnerabilities in the system of voting that has long been used by the United States. To a lesser extent, the commission will also be investigating voter suppression as a way to appease Democrats.

Trump intends to sign the executive order on Thursday. There is still uncertainty over how public or private this signing will be, as well as when exactly it will occur.

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