Vodka Isn’t Just a Fun Beverage – Here’s 8 Creative Genius Uses for It

Vodka Isn’t Just a Fun Beverage – Here’s 8 Creative Genius Uses for It

Although many of us are accustomed to thinking of vodka as just another cocktail ingredient, the truth is that this magical type of alcohol is actually quite the elixir! With many uses outside of partying, vodka can actually be a great item to have around the house in a pinch. Here are eight amazing ways that you can use this bodacious beverage to your advantage!

1. Make a Bug Repellant
We all know that some of those sprays available in the store can be made with all kinds of chemicals; the only way to know if something is safe is to make it yourself! Because vodka is a natural repellant, all you need to do is add some essential oils—and maybe some basil—and you’ve got yourself a great, safe insect repellant that smells amazing.

2. Take the Sting out of a Jellyfish Incident
When you’ve been stung by a jellyfish, one way to calm down the pain is to spray the affected area with some vodka. By the way, this will also help to disinfect it!

3. Keep Your Tootsies Smelling Nice
Add some water to vodka in a spray bottle, but don’t drink it! Spray it onto those smelly sneakers to make them more fresh.

4. Address a Tangle with Poison Ivy
When you know that you’ve come into contact with some poison ivy, you’ll want to put some vodka onto the area that’s been affected—right away. This is supposed to get rid of those nasty oils that are causing all the trouble.

5. Freshen up Your Flowers
Mix a few drops of vodka with some sugar, and you’ve got yourself a nice solution to keep those flowers looking in primo condition. Just ensure that you switch out the water every day, and you’ll be doing great!

6. Sore muscles? Freeze Some Vodka
If you’ve got some muscles that ache, one of the best ways to address the issue is to freeze up some water and vodka—and then knead the affected area with a bag of the solution.

7. Get Rid of Unsightly Upholstery Stains
Got a chair with an unfortunate stain? It’s time to apply some vodka to the section—and see if it lifts!

8. Use It as a Quick Laundry Fix
Let’s say your favorite jacket doesn’t smell so hot, but you really want to wear it. Go ahead and spritz it with some vodka, then hang it up in an area that gets a nice breeze. It’s like nature’s dry cleaning!

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