Truckers Join in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Truckers Join in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Kevin Kimmel is a truck driver. He did not know much about human trafficking until a few years ago. That all changed when he stopped at a gas station in New Kent County, Virginia. There were a few people in the gas station. When he went outside, he noticed a strange-looking RV. It did not look like the typical family vehicle.

Kevin watched a man get into the van. A few minutes later, he noticed the van rocking. He then noticed a minor female in the van. He immediately called the police. The officers arrested a man and woman when they arrived on the scene. They also rescued the minor who was obviously in bad shape.

Kevin later found out that the girl had been a victim of sex trafficking. He noticed another incident a few months later. There was a 20-year-old girl who was also a victim of sex trafficking. The girl had been taken from her home, sexually-assaulted and forced to prostitute herself. They were kidnapped by Aldair Hodka and Laura Sorenson, who are a couple. They were sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The girl is still struggling to make sense of what happened to her. However, she is grateful to be free. If it had not been for Kevin, then she may not have ever been rescued.

Kevin and other truck drivers are often the first ones to notice people who have been victims of sex trafficking. The act of coercing a person against his or her well into engaging in commercial sex is sex trafficking. It is considered a form of modern-day slavery.

Children and young women are usually the victims of sex trafficking. However, young boys and men can also be victims. President Donald Trump recently described sex trafficking in America as an epidemic. People who do not come from strong families are the ones who are at the greatest risk of being a victim.

Kevin is still a truck driver, and he also speaks at events to raise awareness about human trafficking. He stated that truck drivers are constantly in places where traffickers are. He encourages his fellow drivers to be vigilant at all times.

Kendis Paris works for a charity called Truckers Against Trafficking. Her organization is committed to educating truckers about trafficking and what to do if they see an incident. Many states are also pushing laws that require people who drive commercial vehicles to take courses in human trafficking.

Jamey Caruthers is an attorney who works for Children at Risk, which is a non-profit organization in Houston. She stated that more needs to be done in order to help trafficking victims. Truckers are just one of the many groups of people who can help trafficking victims. Jamey believes that law enforcement officials should also receive more training.

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