Trump Threatens State Lawmaker: ‘What’s his name? We’ll destroy his career!’

Trump Threatens State Lawmaker: ‘What’s his name? We’ll destroy his career!’

It has been just about three weeks since former reality television star and businessman Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. Since then, the news has been full of stories about his pettiness, vindictiveness, and authoritarian leadership style. In a meeting earlier this week at the White House, President Trump displayed all of those traits when a state senator was brought up.

In the meeting on Tuesday President Trump heard from various law enforcement members about concerns that they had in their local jurisdictions. One attendee, Sheriff Harold Eavenson from Rockwall County, Texas, told the President that a state senator had recently introduced a bill that would be problematic to his office.

The bill in question had to do with civil asset forfeiture and proposed that the criminal suspect would need to be convicted of a crime before having their assets seized. Sheriff Eavenson does not agree with the proposed legislation. Law enforcement in that area are currently able to seize the assets of a suspect in a crime.

When President Trump heard about this legislation he asked the Sheriff who the state senator was and flat-out said that he could “destroy their career”. It is said that while others laughed at Trump’s statement, his face remained serious. The Sheriff declined to give the name however it is widely reported that he was referring to Republican Texas Sen. Konni Burton who introduced this legislation in December of 2016.

The White House has made no official comment on this story.

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