Video: Foster Child Is Hesitant To Join His New Family, Then He Meets The Dog

Fostering a child is often a hard, but rewarding, thing to do. Kari Lewis, a woman who lives in Portland, OR, knows the reality of this all too well. Kari brings foster children into her home all the time, and she says each time she gets a new one, she always worries about them making the adjustment. Kari’s mother, Sandi Swiridoff, says she even faces challenges acting as a grandmother to the children her daughter fosters.

A few years ago, Sandi adopted an Australian Labradoodle named Reagan. With all of the children coming and going, she wanted to have something in her life that was more permanent. When the dog was 11 months old, Kari brought home brought home an 11 month foster child named Buddy.

As soon as Buddy arrived at Kari’s home, he bonded with Reagan. The two have been inseparable ever since then. Both of them will turn three in February, 2017, and they continue to do everything together, including dress up, read, give each other slobbery kisses, enjoy fun activities, and cuddle all the time.

And they share all this happiness with the world. It’s clear from all of the pictures they post on social media that the two truly love one another.

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