Teen Approaches 2-Year-Old After He Hears Its Her Birthday, Buys Her Something She Wanted

Teen Approaches 2-Year-Old After He Hears Its Her Birthday, Buys Her Something She Wanted

Even though the world is currently undergoing one of the most volcanic periods of her history, there are still those out there who are willing to do their part to make it a better place. There may only be small examples of this sprinkled throughout society, but those instances are what remind people that man is generally good, and that there isn’t as much separating the different members of humanity as one might think.

One young mother recently experienced such an event when she was out with her three children doing a bit of shopping. The family was from Indiana, and the mother had taken her children to a nearby Target in order to pick up a few odds and ends. During the trip, the youngest of the children, a beautiful 2-year-old by the name of Kinley, was eyeing a large number of toys and other fun things that she would have liked, and she kept listing things she saw as potential birthday gifts that her mother could buy for her. It wasn’t quite her birthday just yet, but Kinley was excited and ready for the event.

At one point, Kinley stopped walking and stood frozen before a huge selection of baby dolls. There was a single blonde doll in the selection, and she immediately fell in love with the cute toy. A young man who was nearby overheard the small child’s birthday wish for the doll, and he approached the family and asked Kinley to point out her favorite doll. When the girl pointed toward the last blonde doll, the teen instantly picked it up and told the mother, Megan, not to leave the area. Megan was dumbfounded but agreed not to leave, and what happened next surprised her to her very core.

When Kinley realized the young man had walked off with the doll, she started to get upset and asked her mother what had happened to it. Megan didn’t know what so say, but a moment later the young man returned with the doll properly bagged up. He handed the receipt to Megan, said a cheerful ‘Happy Birthday’, then strolled away from the happy family.

As someone who didn’t often experience random acts of kindness from strangers, Megan was understandably shocked at what had happened. She managed to get a photo of the young man, which she posted to Facebook in an attempt to identify him so his good deed wouldn’t go unnoticed. Megan wanted to find who was responsible for her daughter’s happiness, so she shared the photo over and over, eventually pushing it to an amazing 55,000 shares. Once enough people in the community had seen the photo, the young man was identified as Tario Fuller II, a 19-year-old freshman from Purdue University. He was a promising athlete with a long future in football ahead of him.

Megan wrote in a Facebook post that accompanied the photo of Fuller that she was so grateful for the reminder that humanity can be generous and understanding. The event was a wake up call for her that faith is something no one should lose, especially not in humanity. She was able to reconnect with Fuller and give him proper thanks, and she hopes that his example will be inspirational to all those who seek a bit of kindness in the world. She hopes to remind those people that it is easy to be the kindness in the world, instead of seeking it out from others. Stories like this go to show that man can be civil to each other, even if there is no reason for such civility beyond mutual human respect.

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