17% Of Trump’s Wisconsin Win Evaporates After Discovery Of ‘Error’

On Nov. 23, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein announced that she was raising money for a movement to challenge the election results. Stein is particularly focused on recounting votes in three states where Trump won by slim margins: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. If a recount in those states shows that Clinton has more votes, the election results could be called into question.

There were already questions about irregularities in the Wisconsin vote before Stein began her recount effort. Election officials in Bear Creek, Cicero, Grand Chute and Hortonville precincts found that the final vote count was higher than the number of ballots that were actually cast. After the error was discovered and corrected, Trump’s victory in Wisconsin went down by 17 percent.

While Trump initially won Wisconsin by a reported 27,000 votes, the margin of victory shrunk to 22,177 after the votes were recounted. Some people believe that further recounts in Wisconsin could add 30,000 more votes to Clinton’s tally, which would be more votes than she would need to win the state.

After learning about the apparent vote discrepancies in Wisconsin, Clinton’s campaign has decided to back Stein’s recount effort. Clinton is currently leading the nationwide popular vote by over two million votes, according to the most recent vote count.

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