Donald Trump Just Told a Massive, Highly Dangerous Lie

Donald Trump Just Told a Massive, Highly Dangerous Lie

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to launch a new tirade against America’s “rigged” voting system. Trump claimed that he lost the popular vote to Hilary Clinton because millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election, but he offered no data or evidence to support his claim.

Trump’s latest Twitter rant is a direct response to the Clinton campaign’s participation in an election recount in Wisconsin, a recount facilitated by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Even though Trump won the Electoral College, he’s still a sore loser. How many incoming presidents would insult and undermine the system that elevated them to power?

Facebook and Twitter have come under fire for not doing enough to eradicate fake news. What are these social media giants supposed to do when the leader of the free world takes it upon himself to launch a fake new story?

Is Trump’s latest Twitter tirade just a smokescreen to divert America’s attention away from the real scandal, the fact that it voted a businessman with no political experience into office, or is something more sinister at play? Is Trump’s tweet the beginning of an assault on voting rights?

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