She’s On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men -Only Has One Goal

She’s On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men -Only Has One Goal

There are people who make mistakes every day, and they learn from those mistakes. Mandy Cowie is a woman who is considered a welfare queen as she has 10 kids with five different men, relying on the government to help provide care for them.

Her goal is to have 50 grandchildren so that she can continue to have benefits every month so that she doesn’t have to work.

Mandy is 49 and single, and she plans to stay that way so that she can keep getting assistance. She has received welfare for over 30 years. She is also trying to get her children to follow along her path.

Each year, Mandy brings in over $30,000 in benefits for food as well as some that are in cash. About $3,000 of what she has received has been spent on tattoos at some point in her life.

Mandy had her first child at 18 and her last child at 36. She is on her way to reaching her goal of having 50 grandchildren as she already has 16. Mandy is going to be on a television show to talk about being proud of living on welfare. What makes this worse is that she has used some of the money to buy her 13-year-old cigarettes and will let her drink alcohol if she does well in school.

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