Giuliani’s Law Firm Busted With $563,000 Illegally From Trump PAC

Giuliani’s Law Firm Busted With $563,000 Illegally From Trump PAC

Rudy Giuliani has been making headlines this election cycle as a Trump surrogate. From defending his candidate’s sexual assault history to accusing the FBI of leaking information to him, he just doesn’t know when to quit.

Some observers have questioned why the former Mayor of New York City, once a respected public figure, has invested so much of his political capital into a candidate who can’t even get his own party to endorse him. Recent investigative reporting may have uncovered the mystery behind his support.

Law firms owned by Giuliani have earned hundreds of millions of dollars from political PACs in the past year. Although Citizens United has made it easier than ever to funnel private donations through anonymous PAC groups, no one bothered to cover up this paper trail. The America Number 1 PAC, managed by Republican super donor Robert Mercer, has given $563,000 to Giuliani’s law firms since 2015.

Both America Number 1 and Giuliani originally supported failed candidate Ted Cruz, and Giuliani received $336,000 last year. Once Donald run the Republican primaries, both Rudy and Robert switched their support to Mr. Trump. Voters can only ask why Trump needs to pay his friends so much money to support him on national television and what happened to Giuliani’s sense of morals.

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