Obama Destroys Trump On Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets”

One could say that President Obama’s trolling level has definitely been “expert” over the past few months. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, Obama proved that he’s no lame duck when it comes to zingers.

When most celebrities participate in the “Mean Tweets” portion of the show, they’ll read off just one tweet about themselves. But with Obama being the president, of course, he had more than a few hilarious tweets to read about himself. However, he saved the best for last.

It was a tweet from none other than Donald J. Trump. claiming that Obama would go down as one of the worst presidents in history. Obama read the tweet, paused, and then looked into the camera. “At least I’ll go down as a president,” he said in a pointed tone, no doubt indicating Trump’s slipping poll numbers.

Of course, there’s been no love lost between these two. Years ago, Trump started making waves with the birther movement, claiming that Obama was not born in the United States. The upswell of drama actually ended with Obama producing his Hawaii birth certificate, and he did not mince words about his opinion of Trump during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that year, pointing out that “The Donald’s” appearances on Celebrity Apprentice didn’t really compare to the responsibilities entailed in being POTUS. Clearly, Obama’s opinion of the reality star has not changed much over the past few years.

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