They Nurses Ailing Dog To Health, Then Uncover A Secret She’s Been Concealing…

Gemma is a German Shepherd who had been abandoned by her family. She was in bad shape. She had severe mange that covered 70 percent of her body. Mange can be treated with medication, but Gemma’s owners decided to drop her off at the shelter instead of taking her to the vet for treatment. Gemma was in a lot of pain and very afraid. Fortunately, she met a guardian angel named Jolene.

Gemma’s condition required around-the-clock treatment. Jolene bathed Gemma two or three times per day. The two formed a bond. Jolene was a volunteer at the shelter. She did not want to leave Gemma in the shelter. She asked her husband if she could take Gemma home. Jolene’s husband agreed to allow his wife to take the dog home.

Gemma had healed nicely after being with Jolene and her husband for a few weeks. She started getting her fur back. She also started putting on weight. Jolene noticed that all of Gemma’s weight gain was in her abdomen.

She decided to take Gemma to the vet for an ultrasound. The vet confirmed that Gemma was pregnant. The dog had been pregnant before she was dropped off at the shelter.

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