Woman Beats The &@%# Out A Guy Who Groped Her In An Elevator

If you’re a lonely guy in China, elevators are a happening place. It quiet in there and really private for spending a little quality time with the ladies. Close the door, and she’s all yours. At least that’s the way one pervie guy saw it. His intended new girlfriend disagreed. She violently disagreed.

The Shanghai Creeper is smooth, casually smelling her hair – the way people normally do when they are waiting in an elevator. She rebukes him once and steps away. It could have ended there, but this guys is no quitter. He tries again, starting with a little friendly improvised massage to loosen her up, to get her comfortable and in the mood.

She seems pretty loose alright and she definitely was in a mood – a mood along the lines of…What did you just do? The first strike to the head is simply devastating and must have stopped all activity going on inside his brain. Assuming that there was any. That’s doubtful. With that single blow, the fight was over. That doesn’t mean she stopped. It just means that the rest of the beating doesn’t really have any tactical purpose and is there simply for everyone’s entertainment.

It wouldn’t be right to say that the young woman quickly regained her composure because the truth is that she never lost it. This beating is simply a very odd combination of ferocity and casualness. The door opens, and she’s gone. The door closes and our man is still on the floor. In many ways, he’s never going to reach the top floor.

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