Video Of NYPD Cops Shooting Tail-Wagging Dog After Knocking On Wrong Door, Emerges

There has been a disturbing video placed online that shows NYPD police shooting a dog. The police officers were responding to a domestic violence call, but they went to the wrong house. Yvonna Cosado stated that the dog died while wagging his tag. The video shows the police officers outside of Yvonne’s door. When she answers it, her dog walked out of the door. The dog was immediately shot by Officer Ruben Cuesta.

Yvonne and her neighbors rushed to help the dog. The dog was bleeding profusely. He wagged his tail one time and died. Yvonne’s neighbors put a blanket over her because she was only wearing underwear when the police came to her home. Yvonne was in shock after her dog was shot. She comforted her dog until he died. The officers did not give her any type of assistance.

Not only did the officers refuse to help Yvonne, but they also sent her a bill for $265. The video also shows one of the officers putting his hand on his gun because he felt like his life was threatened. Yvonne swung at the officer, but he tackled her down. The officers have not apologized for the incident.

This is not the first time that the NYPD has killed someone’s pet. In 2010, they strangled a cat to death.

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