He Hated His Popcorn Ceilings So He Invents Clever Device That Removes It In Minutes!

Popcorn ceilings are a remnant of a bygone home design era no one should ever re-visit, they crumble and make it easy for insects to cling to the ceiling. But  if the home you own with one of these ceilings you can rest easy, this guy has a REALLY simple solution:

Hand-scraping them yourself while messy, soggy popcorn rains down on you -it’s a tedious chore and very time oconsuming. YouTuber Aaron Rollins knows just about anything can be fixed with a little bit of duct tape and a Shopvac, so he added taped a spackling knife to his Shopvac.

After gently spraying the ceilings with water to soften the popcorn, he then glides the spackle knife along the ceiling, scraping the popcorn off with ease. The popcorn was immediately sucked up by the Shopvac, saving his floors from falling debris.

Rollins said he could finish an average size room in about 10 minutes, and his brilliant plan saved him hours of messy, tedious scraping. The result? Smooth, clean ceilings. Popcorn gone and mess avoided!

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