People Are Raving About How Great Her House Smelled – Here’s Her Surprising Secret

When it comes to keeping their houses smelling fresh and clean, some people just have a special knack for coming up with exciting solutions. You can be one of these people. And when you want to create your own fragrance—and don’t want to just buy whatever scent happens to be on the market—there is an amazing new technique that is making the rounds.

You do need a few ingredients, which include baking soda, a spray bottle, a cup of boiling water and Downy Unstoppables or essential oils. Those who are trying the mixture with Downy Unstoppables will want to put about 1/4 of a cup of the Downy Unstoppables into a bowl, in addition to some baking soda.

Then it’s time to pour in some boiling water. After a half-hour or so, the beads should be dissolved and your handcrafted home fragrance should be ready. Of course, those who are using essential oils won’t have to wait for anything to dissolve—but it doesn’t hurt to let the mixture sit for awhile, allowing it to blend in the bowl.

If you happen to have a funnel lying around, use it to pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Congratulations! You now have a customized scent that you can use to make your home smell wonderful all the time.

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