How To Clean Your Keurig In The Most Efficient Way:

The Keurig is a wonderful way to prepare a single cup of coffee in just a few minutes. The coffee tastes delicious, there is no mess, and you do not have to throw away any leftovers. All coffee makers need to be cleaned regularly, and the Keurig is no exception. If you do not take a few minutes every couple of months to give the Keurig the care it needs, it will not be able to keep brewing those perfect cups of coffee. Thankfully, Melissa from Youtube’s Ask Melissa has already figured out the most efficient and easy way to clean the Keurig so you can just follow in her footsteps.

She starts by gathering all of the necessary supplies. In this case, you will need a bottle of white vinegar, some multi-purpose cleaner, dish soap, a toothbrush reserved for cleaning, and a microfiber cloth. After you have collected all of the supplies and laid them on the counter next to your Keurig, you will be ready to start cleaning. Melissa advises her viewers to start by taking the Keurig apart. She starts with the lid and the reservoir. Then, she removes the K cup holder and the funnel. Those last two parts are a little trickier to detach, so you will want to follow the video very closely. Lastly, she removes the drip tray and the drip tray’s cover.

Now that your Keurig is in pieces, you will be able to clean all of its nooks and crannies. Most of the parts you removed are dishwasher safe, so all you have to do is put all of them, except the lid, into the dishwasher. Now, open the top of your Keurig and use the toothbrush to remove any coffee grounds and dust that may have accumulated inside. Then, reach for your microfiber cloth, cover it in some all purpose cleaner, and wipe down the outer surface of your Keurig. If you find any difficult stains, you can can add some white vinegar to your cloth. The vinegar will make quick work of those stubborn stains.
When the dishwasher has finished its cycle, you can put all of the pieces of your Keurig back together.

Then, you will want to run a few brews without any coffee. Instead, fill half of the reservoir with vinegar. Run the Keurig as usual until you have run out of vinegar. Then, refill your reservoir with water and repeat. The water will get rid of all of the vinegar so that your next cup of coffee is exactly the way you like it. After you have used up all of the water, you can start making those delicious coffees once again. Just repeat this process every couple of months, and your Keurig will always be nice and clean!

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