The Door Of His Cage Was Rusted Shut When Billy Was Rescued… But Look At Him Now!

When a cage door of an animal is rusted shut, it sometimes means that the animal doesn’t get the proper food, water or attention that it needs to thrive. A small Chihuahua did survive while being in his cage, and when the door was finally opened, the dog wasn’t sure how to react.

There is a group in NC that cares for animals that have been abandoned. Adam Parascandola is one of the men who works with the group. He has seen his share of heartbreak when it comes to animals that have been mistreated.

When the group learned about a puppy mill, they saw that there were several dogs that were malnourished, some with scars and cuts from the owners leaving them to fend for themselves.

A shed was in the yard, and inside the shed was a cage with the small dog inside. Adam used wire cutters to get the door open. The dog was almost dead when he was taken from the cage. The jaw was damaged because the dog hadn’t used it to eat in some time.

Adam didn’t give up on the dog, and he did everything possible to nurse him back to health. Soon, the dog was able to find a friend again and be cared for in a way that he never thought was possible.

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