We May Never See Another First Lady As Special As Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama will be handing over her title as FLOTUS in late January 2017. She may be leaving the White House alongside her husband, President Barack Obama, but there are many impressive characteristics and reasons that the world has become fascinated with FLOTUS. Why are so many people around the globe captivated by Michelle Obama?

She advocated for better health and higher education

Michelle Obama sponsored multiple initiatives to promote healthier lifestyles and higher education, particularly among young girls. The idea behind the initiatives was to empower girls with the knowledge to make better lifestyle choices that could lead to happier and more productive lifestyles in adulthood.

“Let’s Move!” is a healthy lifestyle initiative that teaches children about making healthy food choices, the importance of a proper diet, and how to live a balanced life to remain healthy. Michelle Obama embraced the healthy lifestyle she spoke out. She helped to plant a permanent garden at the White House and was avid about practicing physical fitness.

The “Let Girls Learn” campaign is a joint effort with government organizations and NGOs to help conquer the barriers globally, and culturally that keep young girls from reaching their education potential. Michelle Obama encouraged all females, particularly those of color, to know their potential and to reach for success through education and first-hand experience.

She maintains a strong relationship with her family

Michelle Obama maintains an invested relationship with her husband and daughters. The love between herself and her husband shone brightly in appropriate settings. They can be seen smiling, holding each other, and gazing adoringly at one another in dozens of photographs. The presence of the Obamas in the White House signifies marital unity as they are one of the first presidential couples in modern history to occupy the White House without being surrounded by rumors of marital affairs and controversial behavior.

Her daughter Malia Obama will leave home to attend Harvard University beginning in 2017. Her younger sister Sasha will still be in high school. The Obamas resided in Illinois before President Obama stepped into the Oval Office, but have a strong desire to see their daughters succeed. The First Couple does not desire to interrupt and possibly hinder Sasha’s high school education and have elected to remain in Washington, D.C. until her graduation.

Michelle Obama is Not Afraid to Have Fun

Michelle Obama is not afraid to cut loose – without the involvement of controversial behavior! She has made cameo appearances on multiple television series including So You Think You Can Dance where she decided to cut a rug alongside the show’s stars. She has made appearances on multiple late-night television talk shows and even made an appearance on Carpool Karaoke where she cracked a lighthearted joke about her husband.

Her Sense of Personal Style

It cannot be denied that Michelle Obama had style. She was not afraid to be seen in slacks and a blouse when it was appropriate. Her choice of fashion in business and formal situations was conservative and graceful, but with a sense of style. When the First Lady would work out, she chose exercise attire that was comfortable but not excessively revealing. Her hair and makeup were always on point, and her choice of jewelry was fashionable without being attention seeking.

Michelle Obama is Graceful

The presence of the Obama family in the White House has set forth many “firsts” in America. They are the first African-American family to lead the American nation. Their time in the White House is running down, and people are crawling out of the woodwork to hurl nasty insults at the First Family. Michelle Obama has gracefully sidestepped being called “a gorilla” and has refused to let such nastiness bitter her heart.

There are just five of the top reasons that Michelle Obama has found her way into our hearts and hinted at a presidential candidacy in 2020.

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