Hospice Worker Goes To Dying Woman’s Bed As She Sleeps – And They Catch THIS On Camera..

Hospice workers are often the final people in the room before someone dies. They offer comfort to the patient as well as the family members so that they can deal with the pain of death a little easier. One worker walked up to a woman in her bed while she was asleep. She did something amazing that was caught on camera.

There are many stories about nurses and medical staff abusing patients. At a rehab center in Austinburg, OH, Joshua Woodard decided to sing to one of his patients. Her name was Mary, and she was on her deathbed.

He started singing “How Great Thou Art” while sitting right beside her. The song is one that often brings a special meaning at a time of loss. In the video, you see Joshua singing in a deep voice, ignoring that he is on the job.

This is his job. Mary is in the bed, seeming as though she is hearing every word. It’s something that this Hospice worker didn’t have to do, but he chose to be there for a patient who was in her final days. You can almost see a tiny smile spread across her lips as Joshua sings his song to her.

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