He Shares This Outrageous Hospital Bill He Got After Breaking Just Three Bones

It is widespread knowledge that the United States healthcare system is an inflated mess. One serious accident or illness could completely bankrupt a person. One man found out just how much money his hospital charged him for a week’s stay and decided to share it with the world.

While out rock climbing, this man tragically fell, breaking bones in his ankle, neck and back. After a week in the hospital, two surgeries, braces, a cast and medication, his bill totaled a shocking $367,435.80.

Obviously, many in the online community were appalled that the U.S. could charge these amounts to the average citizen. One person even commented that this treatment would have cost him nothing in his country.

Looking over the bill, we have to wonder who is actually making up these prices. For instance, it does not appear feasible that one week in the hospital could amount to over thirty-three thousand dollars for just pharmacy and supplies alone.

Fortunately, for this man his health insurance is provided by his parents. Right off the bat, the insurance refused to pay $169,000 and so it was deducted from the bill. Insurance covered $197,000 leaving approximately $1,500.00 for the patient to pay.

He Shares This Outrageous Hospital Bill He Got After Breaking Just Three Bones

But it does not end there. He is still awaiting the bills for the ambulance, paramedic and specialist fees that could bring his costs back up into the tens-of-thousands of dollars again. The ambulance cost will be about $5,000.00 and it is not clear if insurance is covering that at all. He could still end up with a significant out-of-pocket cost.

This is just one man’s story. Consider how many Americans each year face the rising cost of healthcare. They are being forced to buy health insurance and pay premiums that they cannot afford. In the event that an accident or illness does happen, they most certainly will struggle to pay the hospital bills, potentially pushing them into serious debt.

America has always been about making the most money, unfortunately, sometimes to the detriment of its own people. Everyone should have a right to affordable healthcare. There has to be a solution that will benefit the patient, hospitals and insurance companies. We just have not found it yet.

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