After Two Years, He Moves His Fish Tank – He Couldn’t Believe The Monster He Found Inside

A man had something amazing living in his fish tank, and he did not notice it for two years. He decided to clean out his fish tank one day because he noticed that there were coral colonies missing.

While he was cleaning out the tank, he noticed a bristle worm. The bristle worm is also known as a Polychaete. He stated that after he discovered the bristle worm, he only saw it three times over the course of a year.

The man stated that it is hard to see the bristle worm because it is always hiding behind rocks. He also stated that the bristle worm only comes out at night. Additionally, it is impossible to catch the bristle worm unless you take everything out of the fish tank. The bristle worm is reportedly 1.2 meters long, which is about the size of a major league baseball.

The man stated that he has no idea how the bristle worm got inside of the fish tank. He recorded the worm and placed the video on YouTube. It has received 4.5 million views. People have stated that they do not know how the worm could have been in the fish tank for so long without the man noticing it.

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