Actress Olivia Wilde Is ‘Controversial’ For Breastfeeding

Actress Olivia Wilde Is ‘Controversial’ For Breastfeeding

Actress Olivia Wilde, best known for her roles in “Tron: Legacy” and “Cowboys and Aliens”, is now a mother and enjoying her maternal role thoroughly. While her suckling child Otis is only three months old, the 30-year-old minstrel says she cannot imagine life without him by her side. Perhaps this is what she was illustrating in her photo shoot for Glamour Magazine for the September issue.

Wilde was captured breastfeeding Otis by Photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The backdrop was a diner and Wilde herself wore Prada shoes and a tapered flowing Roberto Cavalli dress. Stills were taken of her with and without Otis.

However, it is the intimate portrait of a woman breastfeeding her baby while being dressed in a way that is obviously both professional and alluring that captures the imagination. For her part, Wilde appreciated how the images portray a more complete view of various aspects of a woman in a single image. However, she was quite unpretentious and pointed out that on any given day, no one will find her dressed that way while nursing her son. She’ll be quite dressed down and will have a supply of diapers within reach.

She spoke of her engagement to actor Jason Sudeikis of the film “We’re the Millers”. They are in no rush to the altar at this moment. The marriage will be the second for both of them. However, she insists that that it’s just a matter of finding the time to plan the ceremony. For now, they are enjoying their new family.

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