He Sets Up A “Pie In The Face” Game -But Watch How His Dog Plays It

The “Pie In The Face” game is one that offers a lot of amusement to those who play it with family and friends. A little boy set up the game to play with his family, but there was a twist to the game that involved the family dog. Lisa DiMarco, the boy’s mother, posted a video of the game online, and there have been over 14 million views.

Macky is the family dog. He enjoys getting involved with almost anything that the family does for fun, including board games. While playing the pie game, the goal is to not get hit in the face. Macky has a different goal in mind. He wants to get hit by the pie.

The dog understands that his face goes in the hole. He also seems to understand that he has to take turns with the human players. He patiently waits his turn to see if he will get hit with the pie, looking anxiously at the cream in the hopes that he will get a treat.

The pie hits the dog in the face, and the dog starts to lick the cream from his nose. It’s a hilarious way to play the game and has everyone at the table laughing.

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