Bikers Escort Down Syndrome Student To His Very First Day Of High School

Bullying has become an epidemic in our society. Children with special needs are often the victims of bullying. Sean Mahrer is a high school student with Down’s Syndrome. His mother was worried about him starting high school. She thought that he would be picked on because of his disability. Sean’s family members and friends reached out on Facebook and asked people for their support.

Local motorcycle clubs heard about Sean and decided to help. On September 1, 2015, which was Sean’s first day of school, a group of motorcyclists showed up at his door.

Even though the men and women are kind, they do look intimidating to some people because of their muscles and leather jackets. The bikers wanted to make sure that people would think twice about messing with Sean.

Sean’s mother and father were thrilled that they received so much support from the community. They had no idea that Sean’s first day of high school was going to be so amazing. Sean’s mother cried as she watched her son go to high school.

The bikers still support Sean. They go to his soccer games, and they cheer for him from the bleachers. Sean met a group of people who are going to protect him for life.

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