VIDEO: This Will Go Down In History As The Funniest Commercial Ever. I Can’t Stop Cracking Up!

There have been many commercials over the years that have successfully used humor to promote their product. Advertisers pay top dollar to produce successful ads and even more to air them. However, it may be that the funniest TV ad yet is by little known American Standard Toilets Company (AST). The ad claims it is based on a true story and begins with an attractive blond waking up to her one-night stand being dressed early for work. He tells her she can remain in his pad as long as she likes and to make herself at home.

Next, she is seen through an opaque shower curtain as she washes her slender body. She later appears fully dressed and ready to return to the outside world when she gets that urge to seek relief. It turns out she is somewhat constipated as she is making a real effort to complete a bowel movement.

She completes the “job” only to witness the toilet overflow due to problems with the chain not engaging.

Her “movement” also seems to have the toilet backed up at which time she resorts to using a plunger. Still unable to get her excrement to flush, she uses a plastic bag to retrieve it and heads to the waste basket. She decides to leave her lover a note asking him to call her and leaves the apartment.

As soon as the door closes shut, she realizes she left her excrement on the kitchen counter in a bag by the note. The ad finishes with the tag line that AST’s toilets can be trusted to function every time.

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