They Walk Onto The Wedding Dance Floor Heads Held Down. Just Wait For The Music To Kick In. WOW!

Most grooms try to make their new brides feel as special as possible on their wedding day. Lanny, however, took it to a new level with a show-stopping performance for his bride.

After giving a speech directed toward his new father-in-law, Lanny ends it by saying, “That’s my girl now!” He and his team of groomsmen then hit the dance floor for a surprise dance number to The Temptations hit song, “My Girl.”

The group of five men, in tuxedos that were perfectly matched, donned white gloves on their hands. In perfect time with one another, they lip-synced and danced a previously choreographed number that left the guests and the bride roaring in laughter and approval.

The bride sat centered on the dance floor in front of the group as she watched her new husband and his groomsmen perfectly nail the dance routine. Mimicking The Temptations lead singer, David Ruffin, Lanny accessorized with a funky pair of glasses as he smoothly glided across the dance floor.

Halfway through the song, each of the men handed the bride a pink rose, which she gratefully accepted. As they got back into formation, a handful of dollar bills was thrown into the air to add some additional fun antics to the performance.

As the bride and groom hugged at the end of the performance, it was clear how much they meant to each other and that their marriage was off to a fantastic beginning.

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