President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’ And The GOP Is FUMING

President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’ And The GOP Is FUMING

The dividing line between Democrats and Republicans grows wider. As Republicans become stronger and louder in their opposition to President Obama and his policies, his approval ratings show no signs of slowing down. In fact, for the seventh year in a row, this president of the United States has been named the “Most Admired Man in the World.”

The annual poll from Gallup gave the number one spot to Obama. An incumbent U.S. president is nearly always chosen for the most admired spot. This year, Obama won by a healthy margin over the second place finisher.

The question asked by the Gallup poll has been going on for 68 years, and the man in the White House has lost out only 12 times. This year, however, the vote favoring the incumbent present is regarded by many as particularly significant because there has been increasing pressure from Republicans to discredit Obama and his policies.

Democrats also chose Hillary Clinton as the most admired woman in the United States, whereas Republicans favored former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Clinton has topped the most favored list for women for 17 of the last 18 years. Both Republicans and Democrats include Clinton and Oprah Winfrey on their most admired list. Some 8% of Republicans also chose Obama as their most admired man, along with Pope Francis.

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