You’ve Been Using That Extra Loop on the Top of Running Shoes ALL Wrong.

When you tie your running shoes, you might notice a loop at the top of the shoe. This seems to be just any other loop, but there’s really a purpose for it being on the shoe. The loop in question is the one that is extra large near the area where you tie the shoe at the tongue.

Some people think that it’s there to provide a little more support for the ankle. While this might be the reason for the loop on the shoe, there is a way to get the best use out of the loop while you are wearing the shoes.

Reverse the laces of the shoe back through the top hole. Create what look like bunny ears with the loop that is created. Lace each end back through each side. Finally, end with tying your shoes in a normal fashion. This will give you a stronger support from the ties as there is more lace to use.

It’s ideal if you want a snug feeling while wearing the shoes for walking or running. The extra loop can help keep the toes from cramping as well if the feet tend to slide to the end of the shoe if the shoe is too loose.

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